In the Beginning

Why write another book on mental health?  

There is a lot of chaos in the world today; lots of tension, stressors, and worries.  Yet mankind has survived these similar times in the past.  We learn from our mistakes or we repeat them.

What is most troubling to me is this current denial of knowledge, science, and education in general.  What seems to be happening, at least in governmental circles; and to some degree in the press, is an emphasis on opinion, rather than fact.

The very notion of “fake news” is an abomination, as there is only the dichotomy of truth and lies.  Fake news is a name for lies and it is being used as a way to manipulate the media and the public, making the truth hard to determine.

What is the solution?  Education.  I was re-reading an explanation of psychological evolution that explains, at least for me, the mechanics of the confusion.  It is called Spiral Dynamics and posits a model of growth that every human and every civilization goes through.

Understanding the stages of psycho/social evolution can dramatically enhance the understanding of the behaviors of others.  Later, in this work, I will expound on the work of Clare Graves, Don Beck & Christopher Cowan and the model of Spiral Dynamics.

As a mental health therapist, I have met a lot of people from all walks of life.  Each has their own story, with their pain.  Yet, over and over again, the same truth arises.  Suffering is a theme of life it seems.  And, until one recognizes the root of suffering, change doesn’t seem to happen.

I am suggesting, in this book, that the ancient sound bite, “Pain is inevitable and suffering is optional” is a fact of life.  I want to suggest that is the path to end suffering.

And, if you join me on this journey, I hope to show you just what I mean by that, and, hopefully, move you out of suffering and into a radical form of accepting the reality of life.  I don’t set a goal of Happiness.  I don’t believe that constant Happiness is sustainable.  What I hope to guide you to is Contentment; a satisfaction with life as it is. 

Published by Jim Hussey

I am a licensed professional counselor, working in a hospital setting. I have been a meditator and teacher for 47 years, a therapist for 28 years and married for 29 years. My secret vice is golf.

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