Embowering the Unconscious

Release and


(Loosely based on BSFF by Larry Nims}[1] what’s up babe

You have two minds: A conscious mind that is listening, judging and evaluating, 
and an Unconscious Mind that is collecting data, sensing feelings, processing behind the scenes, and remembering. 

The Unconscious Mind is ever alert, running most of the processes of the body.  The UC manages breathing, the digestion, elimination, memory, and the healing of the body. You don’t consciously look at your dinner and think “* ounces of protein.  That will need a quarter cup of hydrochloric acid and enzymes called proteases.  Oh, and the vegetables will need ….  I think you get my point.  We just eat and trust our unconscious processes to manage the digestion.  The same is true of healing.  We don’t get a cut and then tell the body to send white blood cells to the wound, tell the skin to form a scab and tell the capillaries to reconnect.  We put a band-aid on and then go on with our day.  We know that the body knows how to heal.  We trust the Unconscious Mind.

If you pin down your Dr., he or she will admit that medicine does not heal. The body itself, with the Unconscious Mind (the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems), does the actual healing below the surface.   Drs. facilitate this process by cleaning, stitching, suturing, and reducing risks.  Then the health care provider will tell you to “get plenty of rest.” The reason? Because the healing is best done while the body and mind are at rest.   

Release and Heal is a tool to turn the problem you don’t know how to solve over to that part of you that knows what to do; Your Unconscious Mind.

It is a simple, almost silly, 3 step process.  I show my students this tool, using my hands to demonstrate, even though I don’t use my hands it the actual practice.  I suggest that they imagine the problem in their left hand; I hold out my hand and ask them to name the problem saying “Regarding this (problem)….  

Step One – Name the problem. 

This is the easy part.  That thought you don’t want to think? That’s it.  Any thought, feeling or issue that you don’t know how to handle, that’s what we work with.  Give it a name:

“This fear of bees; This anger at my boss; this obsession with zombies; Regarding this anxiety about the interview…” whatever.

Step Two – Flip the Switch.

A light switch is a mechanical tool.  You don’t need to understand electricity, to know that there are wires in the wall, or how electrons flow to use the switch.  You flip the switch up and the lights come on.  No belief or knowledge is necessary to use the switch.  In the same way that you don’t understand digestion.  You just activate the unconscious processes by “flipping the switch.”
What is the switch?  Use a word or phrase to signal that you want the Unconscious Mind to take this problem and go to work.  You can use any word or phrase as your trigger or switch. I use the phrase “Release and Heal” as my switch phrase. Clients of mine have used all sorts of silly phrases, such as “Happy Cat”, “Great Caesar’s Ghost” or “Nodding Sunflowers.”  One young man used “Cheese and Crackers” because that was how his grandmother swore when she was upset.  I recommend something silly, that you would never use in normal conversations.  Why?  It is harkening back to the old teaching tale of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  If you use a common word or phrase the Unconscious Mind won’t know if you are asking it to go to work or not.  Come up with something unique to you.  It’s best to have something that you will only use for this purpose.

Remember, your Unconscious Mind has no limits in time and space.  It can go where ever and whenever you need to go to find the root cause, the source of this problem, release its influence on you and heal that area so that it never returns.

Step one – Name the problem 
Step two – Flip the Switch.  
Step three – Surrender


Let’s talk, for a moment, about the Unconscious Mind.  The very title, Unconscious, means below the conscious, thinking level.  When you are struggling to remember the title of a movie or the main actor, and can’t remember it what do?  (Or, what did you do before Google?)

Probably, you gave up.  You quit trying because it was only giving you a headache.  And sometime later, maybe the next day, the answer “popped” into your mind.  “Oh, yeah.  It was ….”

What is this process?  I’m suggesting that you turned the problem over to the Unconscious Mind and left it alone to do its job.  And while you were doing other things, maybe even sleeping, the Unconscious Mind continued to search through its database, looking for the answer to your dilemma.  Suddenly (at least to the Conscious Mind) the answer pops up.  The process?  Give up trying.  Turn it over to the Unconscious. 

Now, before actually having them try it for themselves; I do one last thing.  I suggest that they close their eyes, if they want, and listen as I talk.

Instructions to the Unconscious Mind

First I want to thank our Unconscious Mind for always being there, behind the scenes, taking care of things; managing our digestion, on elimination, healing our bodies, and keeping us healthy.  And now I want to suggest, to you, our Unconscious Mind, that when we have a problem and use of Switch phrase, to have you, our Unconscious Mind, take over the problem and find the solution, we are giving you complete permission to find the root cause of the problem, eliminate it and heal us so that it doesn’t return.

These instructions are for you, our subconscious mind. Whenever we consciously notice any problem that we intend for you to eliminate, we will simply think or speak our chosen Switch Phrase, and you will do the entire Release and Heal treatment for us for that problem. 

We ask that you will treat all mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of every related problem and all dissociated/fragmented parts of my personality involved in any way in all of these problems. 

We request that you eliminate all of these problems at all levels and in every part of our being that may in any way directly or indirectly contribute to, feed into, help cause, or in any way maintain or support each specific problem that we have noticed and intend for you to treat. In every treatment, you will treat/clear all these things completely, permanently and safely.

This means that you, our subconscious mind, will eliminate all and every level of all limiting emotional roots and beliefs involved in each problem that we choose and intend for you to treat, past and present.

We ask you to thoroughly resolve any and all effects so that they no longer cause us any sort of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual discomfort or imbalance. The stress factors that you will eliminate include all seven of the following negative effects on us and any other debilitating or interruptive stress effects of the treated problem:  Any and any Disturbances, Upset, Trauma, Shock, Distress, Bother or Stressors to our system.

You can and will do all this for us whether or not we consciously know what the problem is, and even when we cannot identify, describe, or label the problem with words.  We need only consciously notice the problem, use our  Switch Phrase that we have chosen, and you will treat and eliminate, at every level of our mind and being, the specific problem and all related contributing parts to that problem completely, safely, and permanently. 

You will do all of this for us no matter what combinations or levels of being were involved/included at the time each of these related problems was being established or re-experienced. You will completely and permanently eliminate each and every problem that we treat along with all subconscious programming we may have that will now or ever cause any form of vulnerability in  us that might lead  us to keep the problem, take it back, allow it to come back, permit it to return, or passively accept or receive it back in any way, shape, or form. 

You will simultaneously also eliminate each and every other problem that makes us vulnerable to any treated problem returning in any way or at any time in the future. 

We are saying to you, our Unconscious Mind, that you have permission to go where ever or whenever you need to go to find the root cause.  We ask you to find the root cause, anywhere in time or space, and break the connection to us; and heal us and so that the problem never returns.  If the cause of our problem is in the muscles, the tendons, the nerves, to go there and heal this problem.  If the root cause is in an organ, in the muscles, tissue or nerves, to go there and heal this issue.  If the problem is in our DNA, in our molecules, go there.  We are giving you permission to go where ever you need to go to find the root cause, release the cause and heal us so that it never returns.  
Unconscious mind, if the problem is not in the body but in our environment we are giving you permission to go to the source, the root cause and break its connection to us. If the problem is anywhere outside our bodies; 

If this problem is related to some past event or trauma, we are telling you that you can go anywhere in time to find the root cause and eliminated any connection to us, past or present, and to heal any part of us damaged or influenced by the past.  We are giving you, our Unconscious Mind, Carte Blanc, to release and heal us completely from this issue we have identified.
And we want to thank you, Unconscious mind, for being our willing servant for all these years and for your service now and in the future.  Thank you Unconscious Mind.

Demonstrating Release and Heal

One of my favorite ways to demonstrate this is to ask the students to do what I do and repeat after me:

I hold out my left hand and I suggest that they imagine the problem in their left hand; I hold out my hand and ask them to repeat  
“Even though I am completely skeptical about this thing Jim is teaching; and I completely doubt this crap 
Then I hold out my right hand and “Flip the Switch”  “Release and Heal”  Finally, I wring my hands together, as if washing them and say “Fuggit about it!”(You have to use an Italian accent).

Then I quickly begin talking about some object in the room, telling them some factoid about that object.  Then I ask “why am I talking about this (book, pencil holder, picture, whatever)?  They usually are at a loss.  “I am just distracting you from your problem, and having you “Fuggit  about it.”

That’s the technique.  Name it; activate the Unconscious Mind, and then think about something else.  

Play with this.  And, as with your shampoo, rinse and repeat.

[1]BSFF – Be Set Free Fast 
By Larry P. Nims, Ph.D. and Joan Sotkin 
Copyright © 2003 by Larry Nims and Joan Sotkin 
Published by Sotkin Enterprises, Inc. 
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505http://ProsperityPlace.com
Larry Nims’s Web site:   http://BeSetFreeFast.com 

Published by Jim Hussey

I am a licensed professional counselor, working in a hospital setting. I have been a meditator and teacher for 47 years, a therapist for 28 years and married for 29 years. My secret vice is golf.

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