this is a transcript from a workshop on relationships Let’s talk about communication in general and then how communication works in your relationship. When I was in high school, high school geometry, the teacher started the first day talking about how geometry is based on axioms. She said that there are these core axioms inContinue reading “Relationships”

“What if…” vs. “Whatever”

I had an interesting meditation today.  I allowed myself to open to any possibility by using the word “whatever” as a mantra.  Whatever happens, whatever arrives, whatever leaves, it’s exactly what is supposed to happen.  To me this is Radical Acceptance.  And the exact opposite of suffering. Suffering, to me, is arguing with what isContinue reading ““What if…” vs. “Whatever””

Embowering the Unconscious

Release and Heal   (Loosely based on BSFF by Larry Nims}[1] what’s up babe You have two minds: A conscious mind that is listening, judging and evaluating, 
and an Unconscious Mind that is collecting data, sensing feelings, processing behind the scenes, and remembering.  The Unconscious Mind is ever alert, running most of the processes of the body.  TheContinue reading “Embowering the Unconscious”