Creating a life worth living.

Beyond Stress  — Contentment is your birthright.  What’s more, its within your reach at any moment and at every moment.  The key to contentment is a simple concept, but can require a lifetime of practice.  The concept — Radical Acceptance….“It is What it is.” Say What?  Life can be divided into 4 elements:  People, Places,Continue reading “Creating a life worth living.”

“What if…” vs. “Whatever”

I had an interesting meditation today.  I allowed myself to open to any possibility by using the word “whatever” as a mantra.  Whatever happens, whatever arrives, whatever leaves, it’s exactly what is supposed to happen.  To me this is Radical Acceptance.  And the exact opposite of suffering. Suffering, to me, is arguing with what isContinue reading ““What if…” vs. “Whatever””